Bad Business Hack | Silent Aimbot - 2022

Greetings, today I will introduce you Bad Business Hack. I will tell you the features of the cheat directly. The cheat has only one feature, but this feature is a very OP feature. Now the feature is called: Silent Aimbot So what is this feature? You can think of this feature as an advanced version of the Aimbot feature with the combination of aim bot and silent features. Thanks to this feature, you can defeat all your enemies very quickly and earn money quickly. However, you can not only beat money and enemies, but also gain Xp to level up and unlock new weapons. You can strengthen new weapons with the money you get. For example, you can wear binoculars or something. I think this feature is really an excellent feature, how do you think? do you like this feature? I hope you like it. Have a nice day. For More Free Roblox Hacks.

Features Of Bad Business Hack

  • Silent Aimbot

Script :


local input = game:GetService('UserInputService')
local replicated = game:GetService('ReplicatedStorage')
local players = game:GetService('Players')
local localPlayer = players.LocalPlayer
local camera = workspace.CurrentCamera

local tortoise = require(game:GetService('ReplicatedStorage').TS)
local reticle = tortoise.Input.Reticle
local characters = tortoise.Characters
local team = tortoise.Teams
local projectiles = tortoise.Projectiles

local weaponInfo = {}
for c,k in next, replicated.Items.Base:GetChildren() do
   local config = k:FindFirstChild('Config', true)
   if config then weaponInfo[k.Name] = require(config) end

local bulletInfo = getupvalue(projectiles.InitProjectile, 1)

local function getBulletData()
   local me = characters:GetCharacter(localPlayer)
   local backPack = me and me:FindFirstChild('Backpack')
   if not backPack then return end

   local equipped = backPack:FindFirstChild('Equipped')
   if not equipped then return end

   local projectile = weaponInfo[tostring(equipped.Value)]
   if not projectile or not projectile.Projectile then return end

   return bulletInfo[projectile.Projectile.Template]

local function predict(part : Instance)
   local distance = (part.Position - camera.CFrame.p).magnitude
   local bulletData = getBulletData()
   if not bulletData then return end

   local timeToHit = distance / bulletData.Speed
   local velocity = part.Velocity +, bulletData.Gravity * (timeToHit/2), 0)
   local hitPosition = part.Position + (velocity * timeToHit)

   return hitPosition

local function nearestTarget(bone : string)
   local info = {
       distance = math.huge,
       player = nil,
       character = nil,
       bone = nil

   for _, player in next, players:GetPlayers() do
       if player == localPlayer then continue end
       local areFriendly = team:ArePlayersFriendly(player, localPlayer)
       local character = characters:GetCharacter(player)

       local body = (character and character:FindFirstChild('Body'))
       local bone = (body) and (body:FindFirstChild(bone))
       if areFriendly or not bone then continue end

       local screenPoint, onScreen = camera:WorldToScreenPoint(bone.Position)
       if not onScreen then continue end
       local mousePosition = input:GetMouseLocation()
       local distance = (, screenPoint.y) - mousePosition).magnitude
       if distance > info.distance then continue end
       info = {
           distance = distance,
           player = player,
           character = character,
           bone = bone

   return info

local reticleLookVector = reticle.LookVector
reticle.LookVector = function(...)
   local nearest = nearestTarget('Head')
   if nearest.player then
       local prediction = predict(nearest.bone)
       if prediction then
           return, prediction).lookVector

   return reticleLookVector(...)

-- Function check bypass
setupvalue(reticle.GetPosition, 1, reticle.LookVector)