Collect All Pets Hack | Auto Farm Features - 2022

Greetings, today I will introduce Collect All Pets Hack. First of all, before explaining the features of the cheat, let's talk about the course of the game, only 4 months after the game was released on roblox, the number of instant players has reached a record number, and the number of visitors is also a really popular game and has a quality design. The total visitor of the game is now more than 37 million, yes, people are surprised, just look at what the guys did in 4 months. The number of instant gameplay varies between 6K and 7.5K. It is a really nice game and the favorite number of the game is 127K+. As for the number of likes and dislikes, the like is 54K+ and the dislike is 3K+. Now the cheat has only one feature, the auto farm feature is really OP. It's a feature, frankly, the cheat automatically improves you for you, it can't be better than that. For More Free Roblox Scripts.

Features Of Collect All Pets Hack

  • Auto Collect Drops

  • Auto Hatch Egg

  • Auto Claim Quest

  • Auto Equip Best Pets

Script :

loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()