Mining Simulator 2 Hack | Auto Mine, More! - 2022

We all remember those old days, right? It's Mining Simulator time. Now the 2nd of the same game is out. Do you know who believe it? after the years. Anyway, today I will introduce you Mining Simulator 2 Hack. If we need to talk about the game, let me explain the game on the same logic as the 1st game, first it gives you 1 wife and 1 bag, when the bag is full, you sell the things you dig and you get money in return, the more money you earn, the better bags you can get, of course, it is very rich as it starts to come in precious metals. you can be. There is also the egg system, which is in almost every classic simulator game. Oh, and as you progress, you can unlock new items as you get rich, for example, a bomb. For More Free Roblox Hacks.

Features Of Mining Simulator 2 Hack

  • Auto Open Eggs

  • Auto Teleport To Chests

  • Auto Equip Best Pets

  • Auto Sell

  • Auto Mine

  • Serverhop

  • Teleports

  • Rejoin

  • Anti AFK

Script :