Project Slayers Script | AutoFarm - 2022

Are you ready for Project Slayers Script? Then first of all, as you know, Project Slayers is one of the most popular games in Roblox, although it was founded about 1 year ago, it has gained a very good popularity, so the instant play rate of the game is surprisingly high, there are instant players exceeding exactly 120,000 people. It may seem small at first, but when you think about it, 120 thousand people play that game in your mirror, it's a big deal.

How To Use Project Slayers Script :

  1. Copy the script and paste it into your exploit.

  2. Inject your exploit and press the execute button.

  3. The script will run and enjoy the game by activating all the features you want.

There may be those among you who do not know how to use Project Slayers Script, so now I will explain to you how to use it in a little more detail, first download an injector, then inject the injector, of course, some injectors want a key, after we take those keys, paste the script and execute it, then everything is finished. All you have to do is use the awesome features of the script and improve quickly in the game.

Features Of Project Slayers Script

  • Autofarm

  • Log Farm

  • Auto Skills

  • Auto Collect Chest

  • Auto Equip

  • Infintie Breath

  • Infinite Stamina

  • And More!

Script :