Sword Simulator Hack | AutoFarm, More! - 2022

The new experimental release of Sword Simulator comes with an updated mob farm script. I've included some new functions such as being able to claim rewards and auto refresh the mob list after clearing a zone. I've also added a GUI so you have easy access to the functions [Auto Farm] and [Refresh List]. Auto Farm Set the number of mobs to farm, along with level ranges and drop chances, then let it run while you do other things! Auto Refill & Claim This function allows you to easily claim rewards at any time without having to switch levers or refill. You simply click the 'Claim Rewards' option when viewing the reward interface and it will automatically refill items and claim rewards for you. For More Free Roblox Hacks.

Features Of Sword Simulator Hack

  • Auto Farm

  • Auto Open Eggs

  • Walk Speed Hack

  • Auto Claim Rewards

Script :